Cremation Prices as of January 1, 2015

Direct Cremation or Burial Service Charges
Consultation with licensed staff $350.00
Documentation, permits, forms etc. $200.00
Transport remains $125.00
Facilities to shelter remains $125.00
Total $800.00
Direct Cremation Package
Direct Cremation Service Charge $800.00
OSB Cremation Container $95.00
Cremation Fee (St. Johns) $587.00
Coroner Fee (No Tax) $75.00
Death Registration Fee $55.00
HST $116.35
Grand Total $1728.35
Additional Services and Supplies (Optional)
Staff Organization and Attendance at Memorial Service $375.00
Staff For Reception (Coffee and Tea Included) $175.00
Witnessing Cremation $100.00
Identification of Deceased $150.00
Funeral Coach (Hearse) $450.00
After Hours Two Person Transfer (This charge is in addition to the standard transfer to our establishment from nursing home, residence, and hospice etc) $250.00
Composing of Newspaper Notice $50.00
Clothing For Deceased Varies

*Pricing in effect until further notice – H.S.T 13% applicable unless otherwise stated
*Caskets may be changed or substituted with a different casket.
*not a licensed location

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